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                                                                   Modern circus dome 

 Welcome everyone 

 For the first time in circus history  circus circus agency  is proud to present a modern circus dome with a complete 100 mins show .

why not inviting a complete 100 mins circus show to your town ? 


Circus circus agency has made the process twice  easy for a companies who would like to invite a complete circus  to there country . 


- We are providing a new and modern dome construction for 


  1. Circus events 
  2. Festivals and concerts
  3. Cinima and video projects
  4. Museum and seminars
  5. Sport events  and others ...
                        Modern circus arena presentation
    why modern dome arena to your circus event ?
Its made to be multifunctional product so that everyone who will order the dome can have more than 3 ways of making money using the same dome .
Apart the strong and secure construction what can your circus dome can include ? 
  • Projectors to view videos on the dome(both from inside and outside)
  • Best stereo sound systems with all the necessary materials 
  • Modern  lighting system depending on the type of dome you will order
  • Built in cafes and restaurants for extra income . 
  • Quality  and comfortable seats for the circus guests . 
  • Heating system in the winter season .
  • Air conditioner in the summer season .
  • safe,secure ,comfortable, modern and highly flexible price 
More  images of our dome circus arenas